Large Petroglyph Picture Jasper Ring // Size 7.75

Large Petroglyph Picture Jasper Ring // Size 7.75

  • One of the most beautiful stones you can find, Picture Jasper, depicting the earth, the canyon lands, the waterways and whatever it is you see in the stone

  • The rectangle shaped Jasper stone is set with a serrated bezel beaded border

  • The wide ring shank depicts an bear paw and an bear petroglyph on the sides

  • This series of rings was inspires by the petroglyphs close to my home and the arrowheads that you see all over New Mexico, reminding us of the people who came before us and their relationship to the land and animals around them

  • The ring has matte finish and tarnish has been used to make the details pop

  • Size 7.75

  • The top of the ring measures 1 1/4” x 3/4”

  • All sterling silver always

  • Made with love in the Mountains of Northern New Mexico

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